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Keep Sensible! when buying watch
Too wide choices to buy a watch! That almost became a proverb.
In the end, many people become overwhelmed and end up buying any watch that strikes their fancy rather than the best one for their lifestyle.
So, tips here are important for the watch buyers
  1. Purpose of your watch. Are you looking for something simple, for everyday use or do you need a dressy watch that can be worn with suits? Will you wear your watch when exercising or playing sports? Gold watches are the most common choice to go with dressy outfits, while sports watches are made to be durable and can sometimes include rubber parts or luminous hands. On the same line, dressy watches are usually smaller, while sport watches tend to be at least 36 mm in diameter.
  2. Materials. The best, most expensive watches now in the market are made with high-tech materials such as scratch-resistant ceramics. Gold, titanium, and platinum are the other materials that can be found in expensive watches. Aluminum and plastic are the preferred material of choice in cheaper watches.
  3. Size and weight. Well, they are a matter of personal preference, as some people do not like to "feel" their watch, while others do not mind the added load
  4. Functions and features. When these factors come to mind, the truth is that some people never use anything in their watches except for the calendar function. A stop watch or chronograph can be useful if you are an avid runner, other than that, most functions will add to the price of the watch, but it seems normal and sensible. Luminous dials are common nowadays, at least in sport and informal watches.
  5. Price. It is the last but not least factor .If you are looking for a famous brand, with top of the line features, you should be ready to spend upwards of $600 US Dollars. Some brands, such as Rado or Rolex, start in the thousands for the simplest models. As a general rule, mechanical watches are more expensive than quartz watch.
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