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Watch Straps and Adjustments
Strap Adjustments Given the fact that we are a little bit far away from you, it would make little sense for you to send us the watch back for adjusting the strap. Just imagine you have sent off your watch and received it back, only to find it still does not fit! Therefore, we request that customers who need their straps adjusted visit their high street jewelers and ask them to do it. In some cases they may ask for a donation, or some may even charge you. If they do, ask for a receipt and send it back to us with this form completed. As soon as we receive the bill we can refund your card to a maximum of 5 (five GBP). That will probably make your life a little easier!

Watch Batteries
The above also applies to any batteries that need changing within the first six months of ownership. If your watch needs a new battery within this timeframe, please get it changed at a reputable watch repairer who can reseal and guarantee the battery. We will refund to the value of 5.00 (five GBP). Only watches that are received from us where the battery is dead upon receipt are entitled to a full refund of battery change to the value of 10 (ten GBP). However, you will need to inform us of a flat battery within 28 days for this policy to be applicable.
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