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How To Sell By Drop-Shipping
Dropshipping Direct from China is quite possibly the single biggest factor in the growth of self-employed business owners worldwide. Thanks to the dropshipping method, anyone can now sell a variety of products with the following advantages:

Never having to carry stock on hand.
Never having to worry about warehouse storage space.
Never having to pack & ship their orders

Watchesgate Drop-Shipping Guide

Drop-Shipping Wholesale Surveillance Equipment
Many of our customers ask us about drop-shipping and how they can start. So we have attempted to compress the concept into a few easy steps to start you thinking in the right direction.
Step 1: Register online for a Watchesgate wholesale buyer account
Step 2: Research good products by comparing our products and prices with those available in your local market.
Step 3: To begin with choose ONE good product with good selling potential and order a sample of the product FOR YOURSELF to check the details for yourself and to create your own unique product description and product pictures.
Step 4: List the item on Ebay / MercadoLivre etc, your online shop or newsletter, or in your local classifieds etc. Make sure your description is accurate and your customers have a realistic expectation of delivery times and possible import taxes they may have to pay on delivery.
Step 5: Once you have sold the item, logon to Watchesgate store and place the order for the item you sold, making sure you enter your customer's address for the delivery. For dropship orders we won't include our company details in the package. You need to provide your customer's phone number in the order comments for the courier delivery.
Step 6: Once we give you the tracking details, pass on this information to your customer.
Step 7: After the goods arrive, provide any necessary customer support to your customers.

How It Works
The 1st step is to select items you would like to sell.
Let's assume you pick our Plush Puppy Wireless Baby Monitor (SZ-WL0201C)
For Demonstration purposes, lets say that your cost through Watchesgate was: $148.25 + S/H
You list the baby monitor for sale on your web site, an online auction, through a sales flyer, etc. at the price you chose.
For Demo, Let's Assume you sell the item for: $352.95 + S/H
Your customer purchases the item from you and pays you the $352.95 + S/H. Once you have their payment, you have the order "Dropshipped".
The $204.00 difference between your cost and your sale price is your Gross Profit.
How To Place Your Dropship Order

The process is very easy and straight forward. You just go through the normal process of placing an order from Watchesgate's website where you will be asked to enter your billing address details. At the same time you will also be asked to enter the delivery address details. See below:

That's all there is to the process of dropshipping. We deliver direct to your customer!

Dropshipping FAQ
Q: What is dropshipper?
A: A dropshipper is a manufacturer or authorized wholesale distributor who will ship your single-item orders directly to your customers. You will put the product pictures on your website at retail cost and wait for an order. Once you receive an order you will email or call the dropship supplier with the customer��s order information and they will in turn ship the product directly to your customer

Q: How do I benefit from dropshipping?
: There are many ways to benefit from dropshipping:
You don't carry any inventory
You get to set the retail price at whatever you want for huge profits
There are no minimum order requirements
You pay the wholesaler only after you receive the order

Q: Is a wholesaler the same as a dropshipper?
: Not always. Many wholesalers do not participate in dropshipping. Some are into dropshipping, but require minimum order quantities. There are a few wholesalers who will do single item dropshipping

Q: Are there any fees or costs incurred if I use dropshipping?
: No, we do not charge our customers any additional fees to use dropshipping.

Q: Can I sell products from Watchesgate through classified ads, flea markets, direct sales, etc.? Or can I only sell them online?
: Yes, you can sell any item from our website any way you want.

Q: Can Watchesgate provide me with pictures and product descriptions to use for advertising?
: Yes, we give you permission to download the product images and descriptions direct from our website.

Q: Will the name Watchesgate appear on the package or invoice as being the sender?
: No. for dropship orders we won't include our company details in the package. This allows you to offer dropshipping services to your customers, and them to theirs, and so on. At no time do we interact directly with your customer, it is all done through you.

Q: Do you include an invoice with the shipment?
: No. A packing list will be included that shows the item and quantity shipped. There are no other identifying characteristics that would reveal the source of the shipment on the packing slip, the product or the box it ships in.

Q: What if you run out of a product I need to order?
: This is ultimately the one major flaw with the dropshipping method. The only way to insure a product is going to be available when you need to place an order is if you have the item directly on hand.

There is always the possibility that an item will not be available when you need to make your purchase. If you need an item that is out of stock, please email us so we can see if we can provide you with a restocking date from the warehouse.

SALES TIP: If you use dropshipping as your primary business model, we recommend adding a statement that helps to shield you from the downside of having items unavailable.
For Example:
"At the time of this listing, this product was in stock and ready to ship. Because our Distribution Center offers this item in other mediums, there is a remote possibility that the item may be unavailable due to large purchases, inventory errors, payment delays or acts of God. In this event, one of our customer service representatives will contact you with: an expected reshipment date, an agreeable replacement offer or a full refund. Customer Satisfaction is a top priority to us and all efforts are made to insure a smooth transaction for your purchasing needs."

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